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Khalif Mining

We are into petrol,oil and gas, mining:gold and diamonds.

We also provide assistance to small companies that wants to expand their businesses,by financing them,we also finance people that has big projects by investing on their projects

Delivering the cleaner energy that the world needs.
Striving for Excellence in Gold Mining Operations
Providing the finest diamond products that are both stunning


LNG: A cleaner source of energy

Natural gas is an important part of the solution in the energy transition.

Oil Exploration and Production

Onshore Oil : One of the largest onshore oil and gas field. The field produces crude oil, associated gas, condensate and non-associated gas.

Gold Production

Khalif Miniers is focused on unlocking the substantial value of the Whistler gold-copper project, located in Alaska, USA.

Diamond Mining

One of our major strengths is the design, supply and manufacture of world-class diamonds, A complete range of quality consumable products to suit exploration drilling, geotechnical/environmental drilling and coal seam drilling.


Our Services

We are An oil and mineral exploration company offering a range of services related to the exploration, extraction, and production of oil, Gold and Diamond.

Oil and Gas

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Gold Mining

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Diamond Extraction

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Fueling Progress: Pioneering Energy Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Gold Mining
Exploring the Depths of the Earth for Golden Treasures With a rich history dating back to decades, Khalif Miners continues to thrive and evolve to meet global Oil demand.
Gold Exploration
Khalif Minners is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector,we are Harvesting Riches from the Earth: Your Partner in Gold Mining
Khalif Oil Production
Welcome to the home of energy excellence, where innovation and sustainability come together.
Diamond Extraction
Khalif Miniers is dedicated to the art of diamond extraction, bringing you the finest gems that nature has to offer.
Our Commitment
Khalif commitment is to responsible mining and ethical practices, we guarantee that every diamond we extract is of the highest quality.
Energy Solutions
As a leader in the oil industry, we are committed to delivering energy solutions that are reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible.

Supporting Over 1 million Business to Grow Worldwide...

As a fully integrated energy corporation, ​we cover the full spectrum of the oil & gas, Gold Mining and Diamond Extraction value chain – from exploration to production, from processing and refining to sales and delivery.